Kaia FIT Minden, NV: Elaine Correa

I am a changed woman because I believed in myself and Kaia FIT believed in me. It has been one year since I signed up for Kaia FIT as a V.I.P. member and I have never felt better about myself. Since that time, I have lost 17lbs, 4 pant sizes, and have completed in a Triathlon, Paddle Board Triathlon, and a Ultra Half Marathon. These were all a first for me. The Kaia Coaches were not only helpful but, very compassionate. For instance, Kaia Coach Karen Sullivan who coached me in my swimming, was so disappointed that she couldn’t make it to my first Triathlon, called me the morning of to give me a motivational speech. She also gave me a beautiful necklace with the quote “Take a Chance” the day prior. The women I’ve met at Kaia FIT have been some of the most inspiring-motivational people I have ever met! I just love being with them. I have created friendships that will last a life time. Kaia FIT has not only taught me to be physically fit but, how to eat to live, how to love myself, and how to be grateful for what I have.

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