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K-onfidence (I got it), A-ttitiude (Positive), I-nsane (All you trainers), A-dmiration (for all my fellow Kaia girls), It is hard for me to put into words all that Kaia has done for me. It has made me a better woman, wife, mother, friend and coworker. It has made me into the strong woman I knew I was. I spent a large part of my life taking care of my family and putting my needs on the back burner. Little did I know that once I took care of myself I could take better care of all of the people that I love. Kaia has brought out my competitive spirit and I do not turn down a challenge. I started Kaia in September, 2010 and in September 2011 I competed in the Iron Girl Triathalon. Who knew I could do a triathalon? My Kaia trainers did! I plan to do it again this year as well as run my first half marathon. I plan on being a Kaia girl well into my golden years. I love you guys!!

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